How to Tie A Tie Fast! | Collab w/ Knot Just For Boys + Giveaway

Happy National Tie Month! Many queer folks may not have had the opportunity to learn how to tie a tie from people who look just like them! The Dapper Maverick and I took the opportunity to collaborate on a video for you guys! We talk trivia, have the ultimate tie off, and have 2 giveaways with all the details you need to get your dapper journey started off right!

DapperPenniless Presents...What Now? Post-Election Chat

After taking some much needed time to sit with how I feel after these elections, I've decided to share my thoughts with you. Thankfully, I was able to coerce (get ;)) my girlfriend to discus her reactions as well! Please keep in mind that these are our thoughts and opinions, you don't have to agree but let's share some positive discourse. How are you feeling? What do you need to heal? Is healing even possible?

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DapperPenniless Gets a New Suit-- And It's Under $150.00!

Last year I wrote two blog posts about my search for a Men's cut blazer to add to my wardrobe. I wrote about some of the issues I had in finding Men's cut blazers that fit my body type! While all of the issues of fit still exist with off the rack suiting, I was not deterred and this weekend I made due on my promise to get a suit that makes me look as good as I feel inside--- anddd in true DapperPenniless Fashion, I got it for under $150! Check me out in my new navy blue TopMan suit!

This Look is Inspired by Nature Herself

My friends and I needed a quick reset, so we grabbed some cases of wine and beer and headed for the mountains in Warrensburg, NY! With no cell service and my friends surrounding me, I began to realize how at peace I felt! I put together a look that encompasses the the bold and the beautiful of this weekend, which makes this look inspired by nature herself! 

"Fall Into Fashion" With DapperPenniless

In the most recent installment of DapperPenniless Presents... I created my very first fall lookbook! Fall is one of my favorite seasons! It's a great time to start adding on some layers as it gets colder and experiment with some beautiful colors like burnt orange or olive green! This lookbook features three of my favorite looks for the fall! Check it out!

When in Miami...

Last Week, I was in Miami visiting some family I needed a little retail therapy! I tried out the Aventura Mall which was a bit more upscale than I thought... but I didn't fret! Sometimes you can find a lot of stylish and great quality pieces, at affordable prices, in the sale sections of high end stores. Last season's items can still be timeless, just like this CPO Lobster Print Shirt I Found at Urban Outfitters! 

DP Featured on "12 Beach Outfit Ideas That Are Perfect If You’re Not Into Bikinis"

I was featured again on BuzzedLGBT! for their, "12 Beach Outfit Ideas That Are Perfect If You’re Not Into Bikinis"! Check me out here at #6! Summer is the perfect season to spend drinking a cold one and dismantling the ideas of ‘women’ and swimwear, one sandy oasis at a time! Everyone should look/feel comfortable going to the beach and as always..You can do it for less!