My name is Doreen Pierre and I am a 26 year old Brooklyn based creative!


Creative Content Production

3 years ago I picked up my first DSLR and haven't put it down since! I started out in photography and have built my way up to video, editing, and creating engaging marketing materials. I have experience in many areas including events, parties, engagements, and weddings. Iā€™m really passionate about documenting the lives of people, particularly, queer people of color because you rarely see that in the larger narrative. 


As a recent college graduate,coming into themselves as a queer dapper woman, I saw limited resources online for people who looked like me and had a dollar and a dream for what they could afford. Hence the moniker, DapperPenniless! Years later this tiny flame has grown into a wild fire. I've been featured on Buzzfeed, Autostraddle, Kirrin Finch, DapperQ and other publications! My aim is to share my fashion journey gems with you.